Life of a Blogger (#2): Sports I Have Played (Freebie)

Life of a Blogger
This week’s topic was a Freebie, so I went through the list of previous topics and picked one at random. 🙂

Sports I Have Played!

When I was younger I was quite the athlete, now not quite so much due to injuries. 😦 Growing up my grandparents were always the one’s who supported my brother and I in all things extra-curricular. From five until seven I was a cheerleader with Cheer America. Unfortunately, my mother wasn’t the greatest, so when my team made it to the State Championship she pulled me out. During my sixth grade year, I played point-guard for my school’s basketball team until an “accident” occurred on the court. By “accident” I mean I was shoved by a girl who was a foot taller than me, and I broke my wrist ending my short but successful basketball career. 😉 My seventh-grade year I played powder-puff football, which was fun, but I’d rather tackle than pull a flag from someone’s waist. 😉 During summer vacation after my eighth grade year I started training at the Capoeira Academy that was literally right next door to my step-mother’s house down in Sarasota, Florida. Every summer until my eleventh-grade year, that’s where you would find me. The instructors there became my second family. I even became a summer instructor, teaching the younger students how to become little ninjas. 🙂 I LOVED being there. I loved working so hard and seeing the results in my new-found confidence, strength, and endurance. Sadly due to family issues by summer visits ended and I haven’t been to the Academy in over a year. 😦 As of today the only sport I play is paintball. It’s a thrilling sport and the adrenaline rush is fantastic. 🙂 When it gets warmer outside in a couple months I’m going to start running again and during the summer I plan on hiking often.
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3 thoughts on “Life of a Blogger (#2): Sports I Have Played (Freebie)

  1. i feel your pain! i was a tomboy growing up, and did competitive sports all the way up until college. staying active now and keeping up with my workouts is hard due to injuries as well:( that’s cool to hear you play paintball! i’ve only played once, and although it was fun i’m kind of a chicken so i don’t know if its something id play again! great post!

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